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zero2growth community

zero2growth is a slack group made of people coming from all over the world, we believe in the power of community!

And to get the best from all of us we need to follow just few, but basic and important rules.


🤝 First of all respect 

Respect other members, their opinions, culture and ideas. If you feel they are too different from yours, it could become a starting point for an interesting discussion  🙂


👋 Introduce yourself

As you enter the zero2growth slack group, introduce yourself to the members: write a short description about who you are, where you’re from, your skills, and what you’re looking for.

Be yourself, use your real name and post a real profile picture, it’s in your favor! Remember that you’re among professionals: in this community you may find your future cofounder, coworker or even an employer.


💬 Create discussions

Being part of a community means being active and dynamic: create new discussions, bring new topics, and propose new #channels. Each of us is responsible for getting the most out of this group of people, each of us has the power and the ability to create an awesome and valuable online community.      


📣 Invite friends and collegues

If you’d like to add someone you know, please contact one of the admin, or share the link

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